Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Kids and Yoga...


GreenTree Yoga

The past few months I have been enjoying teaching yoga to kids at Rose Park Elementary. This is a volunteer program through GreenTreeYoga where the school teachers are given several 5 minute "yoga breaks" to play for the kids. My job as the yoga volunteer is to come to their classroom once a week to strengthen the program, help the teachers if they have questions, and lead yoga for the day! RosePark is an inner-city, very diverse school in northwest Salt Lake. I was amazed at how happy the kids were and how eager they were to do yoga.

The most fascinating thing for me was to watch the kids settle and become calm in only 5 minutes of yoga. See the pictures below to see what the kids think of yoga. Quite often I hear people say "I don't have time to do yoga (or meditate)". I wonder what would happen if they BELIEVED only 5 minutes can make a difference...

In fact, one of my favorite online instructors right now is Brea at Heart and Bones Yoga She has really made yoga more accessible and frequent for me. I subscribe to her videos (only $17/month) and just wander across the hall into my home office and can do yoga EVERY morning! It is so easy and fun. Brea has some videos for "5 minute movement breaks" that I love. My very favorite are her shoulder series. (As a professional violinist my shoulders/neck get REALLY tight). And I also love to do her 25-minute morning wake-up videos and have incorporated a lot of these moves into my classes.

Credits: GreenTree Yoga and Yael Calhoun
              HeartandBones Yoga and Brea Johnson

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